An Intuitive Guide

Rob’s ability to dig deeper is astounding; his intuitive capabilities enable him to see through the surface and really unearth core issues. There have been so many times when I have been bogged down by the surface, the everyday, the “problems” I saw as my biggest obstacles. Yet he understands that it is only by sorting through what is underneath that the real progress can occur. Never judgmental, he is supportive and encouraging while also being firm in his quest for the best.

Rob is an invaluable coach as it is clear he teaches from experience. I find myself hanging up from our conversations not only feeling steps closer to that better version of me that I strive to wholly embody, but also wishing well for all of mankind. His enthusiasm is contagious. Through our work, I am becoming the person I always wanted to be, unearthing the dreams that have been dormant and having the courage to move my life forward in positive directions - professionally, spiritually, emotionally.

Margaret White

Reaching Beyond Words

Rob O'Brien has been an integral part of my spiritual journey and the magnificent transformation of my life over the last year. He has an amazing way about him, with his gentle but firm encouragement, his extraordinary intuition, and his unwavering faith. I have met no one else like him. From the first time I met Rob, I have felt completely supported and accepted by him. He listens intently, without judgment, and with an awareness reaching beyond my words. What he has helped me release and rediscover about myself has truly changed my life. I am enormously grateful for Rob and his incredible authenticity, kindness, wisdom and dedication. His coaching has not only brought me closer to God and to my Higher Self, but to the manifestation of my dreams.

JG, Spa Manager, Malibu, CA

A Gifted Coach

Rob O’Brien is the kind of coach that enables his clients to discover their deepest truths. He himself is committed to living an authentic life based on many different levels of health–health of body, mind and spirit. Rob’s most tangible gift as a coach is his incredible dedication to listening to people’s stories, and through that process helping people feel connected to themselves and to the world. When you meet Rob either via phone or in person, you will automatically be put at ease and know you are in the presence of humility and greatness at once. His humor, intelligence, knowledge and experience will help his clients propel in directions that perhaps had not even been imagined yet.

Kristine Steinberg, President of Kismet Consulting, LLC – A Business and Executive Consulting Company

Steady Inspiration

I cannot begin to thank Rob for his sincere concern for my growth. He has been such a motivation to my personal journey. I know that I could not have arrived at this point without his steady guidance and positive affirmations. I have infinite faith in his abilities as he enlightens and inspires me to be my best.

Donna Malatino, Stylist/Colorist, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, CA

Leading with Grace

My life has shifted in so many incredible and exciting ways as a direct result of meeting Rob. He is undoubtedly the best listener I have ever had the pleasure of knowing which makes his spiritual life coach results even more impactful. His knowledge and understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection is limitless. Every time I connect with Rob, I feel challenged, inspired and ready to take on the world.

Rob possesses a unique combination of extremely powerful yet gentle energy. He has a strong inner compass that knows exactly where your soul needs to go. However, instead of forcing you to go there, he leads you there with grace. Rob is a safe haven where you are free to be exactly 100% of who you are. Yet he inspires and motivates you to be the best possible version of yourself.

He is also highly intuitive. Rob has provided me with valuable universal guidance in all areas of my life. His energy work has powerfully connected me to both of my parents who have passed away. Rob’s messages brought me priceless healing and happiness. One time I felt particularly closed off to my Dad, I instinctively reached out to Rob. He was not only able to connect me with my father; he provided helpful guidance I needed to make an important career decision.

To say he is dedicated to make the world a better place is an understatement. Rob’s compassion and unwavering commitment are rare. Rob is one of the most authentic professionals and men I know.

Angie Krause, Owner, Moments That Matter: A Unique Connection Company, Phoenix, AZ

"I know the way of all things by what is within me." -Lao Tzu